Sins of the Flesh

So, post Thanksgiving I began having dreams.  Dreams of eating meat – my sins of the flesh.  Thoughts of grabbing some cold turkey out of the fridge and making a sandwich seemed to float in the air around me.  Where did these thoughts come from?  I wasn’t consciously aware of wanting meat, and yet I’d be hungry and start heading for the leftovers.  Happy to say I’ve resisted the urge but still I wondered where these hidden desires came from.  I put it down to neural memories from Thanksgivings past.  That’s just part of the holiday season.  You eat, drink, make some merriment and then eat the leftovers for several days until you can’t stand turkey.  I did have the luxury of veggie leftovers though, and so I created new memories and stayed loyal to my new desire.

DSCN1483I’d rather see birds in a nest than dead, on my plate.  Just sayin’…