Mea Culpa

Well, it wouldn’t be an honest reflection of my trials and tribulations of being new to vegetarianism if I didn’t admit to slipping.  Yep…I did.  A couple of times.  Once when I was in Florida – it was when  my brother took me to his navy base officers club for trivia night and we had chicken wings and draft beer.  They were good.  I had eight wings.  I didn’t want to do the “I can’t eat that cuz I’m a vegetarian” thing.  Too early in the game –  so I ate them.

The next time was at another restaurant with a poor vegetarian selection.  I ate crappy calamari, which was like eating rubber bands.  Do I feel bad?  Not really 100% bad…just a little.  Look, I’m trying!  I never said I was perfect.  And it is a progression as much as an attitude.  Right now, my main food concerns are the poisons going into my food and the ecological disaster that factory farming creates.  Though I do feel bad at how the animals are treated, I’m doing this more for my health and as my own way of protesting what’s going on in the food industry.  I suppose that makes me more at risk of slipping.  I need to get more into the animal welfare thought process.  I know when I think of how they’re treated, I feel horrified, but it’s not the first thing that comes to mind.  I’ll need to change that.  In the meantime, please forgive my slippage. 


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