Happy Thanksgiving – Vegetarian Style

I’ve been a vegetarian for two months now.  Why did I suddenly give up my meat-eating ways?  Disgust.  I am so angry at what we’ve collectively done to the environment that this is my means of protest.  I began with Meat Free Mondays and after 8 months I made the total shift.  Honestly, being a vegetarian is something I’d wanted to do since I was a teen.  It seemed bohemian.  I am an Aquarian – ’nuff said.   At any rate, the deed has been done.  So….this Thanksgiving was my first vegetarian holiday celebration.  What used to be a joy, with the cooking and fussing over the bird, became a scene from a horror flick.  I looked at the turkey that had been hermetically sealed in a plastic bag, and noticed things I really paid no attention to before – like the fact that it was a dead animal dripping with blood.    I rinsed the body and peered into the cavity for there rested the neck and giblets.   It’s funny, what I used to do without a thought now suddenly seemed obscene – a desecration to the already desecrated animal.  But, I am the cook of the house so I had to do what needed to be done – retrieve the heart, liver, giblets and neck from deep within the dead bird.

Dead bird

Dead bird

Once I’d cleaned and stuffed the turkey, feeling rather like a mortician of sorts, I went on to cook my own meal.  A lovely tomato pie, noodles, Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and stuffing.  It was great!  And my greatest success was thinking of a way to keep the stuffing moist (like it would be inside the turkey) by using a squash.

I made my stuffing exactly like the regular stuffing, except I used veggie sausage and vegetable broth.

I made my stuffing exactly like the regular stuffing, except I used veggie sausage and vegetable broth.

I’ve found Allrecipes.com to be a great help in finding really tasty vegetarian meals.  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tomato-pie-ii/detail.aspx  And while it is difficult fixing both vegetarian and meat-eater holiday meals, it’s not impossible.  I just try to keep things streamlined.  Cook what everyone else is having – just with modifications.  I must say my noodles were delicious – even without the base of turkey broth that’s normally used.  Vegetable broth worked great!


My veggie dinner!

Lesson Learned:  Once on the path to vegetarianism you become more thoughtful with regards to food and things you used to do with meat now seem wrong or gross – or both. 


3 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving – Vegetarian Style

  1. Writer/ Editor: Carrie B says:

    Great article! Thanks so much for sharing mine, as well. Congrats on the vegetarianism-it is much easier to do these days. And I agree that you do tend to pay more attention to your food choices once you omit meat. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks! Yes, we had a great holiday and my food choices made for interesting conversation as well. At least the kids are thinking about it more – and one daughter in law is now thinking she may turn veggie as well! 🙂

      • Writer/ Editor: Carrie B says:

        That is wonderful! Obviously your food was also a success! And it is amazing, when people don’t immediately get defensive about your choice, they often consider it themselves. I look forward to your future recipes/ suggestions!

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